Today I learned that…….

22 Oct

They say that every day is an opportunity to learn something new. Today I learned that I am not going to be creating a doll house emporium as a new business venture!

In fact, I learned alot of things today. Firstly I started drawing my plans onto all the MDF I bought. I didn’t have enough…. so we slopped on back to the hardware store to buy more…. Thing is though. This was getting costly. MDF is £11 a sheet. I had already bought and sketched on 3. Mentally I was working out whether my friend was right and that I should have bought a kit. Desperate to prove her wrong, I bought 3 sheets of gypsum at £3 a sheet instead.

Lesson 1

There lies lesson number 1 for the day. We got home with this incredibly fragile gypsum and I started sketching on that. Of course Toddler Child was very excited about the happenings in our living room. The floor was covered in materials. She stomped and jumped and shrieked with delight. I screamed and shouted and turned red with frustration. Developers actually build houses out of this stuff…. well the internal walls anyway. How on earth do the houses not fall apar???? This stuff was crumbling before my eyes. Gypsum is NOT suitable for building a doll house. But here I was with half my house sketched on MDF and the other half sketched on cheap gypsum.

Lesson 2

Finally with all the shapes drawn out, we took out the jigsaw. Lesson number 2 learned. Apartments are not designed for sawing in and certainly not for sawing gypsum… That stuff sure is messy! In fact… note to self…. get dust masks!! We were in a fog of gypsum dust. I was getting more frustrated. Middle Child was frantically running around opening windows and fanning the dust out…… And it was COLD outside today! Despite that…. I persevered and cut the rest out in the shivering cold.

Lesson 3

Great….. time to start putting this thing together. Dust vacuumed up and excitement about construction had begun. Toddler Child in bed and Middle Child on the ready to help. Lesson 3 begins…… Middle Child is NOT going to be a construction worker and won’t be anyone’s employee either. She DOES NOT take instructions well and was no help at all.

All in all, we have more or less the whole thing put together. I’ve left the roof off for now because …..

1. I’m tired and I want to go to bed

2. I have convinced myself it will be easier to decorate with the roof OFF.

I’m happy with the progress but to be honest, with half the house being constructed of what can only be described as CHALK and it being held together with a combination of glue, screws and nails, I’m not sure that I will be able to allow Toddler Child to play with it unattended for fear that it might fall apart and I might have to make a new one!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings! Nighty night . xoxo

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