Dolly Gate Scandals…..

26 Oct

Mid construction, wooden flooring done!

Gosh! This is becoming a bit of a saga! We’re getting so wrapped up in the finer details of it now. There’s alot of arguing happening. Everyone’s got their ideas about how they thing it should be decorated. Everything from colours to wallpapers to tiles and furniture and fixtures. Was this supposed to be for my kids? I don’t remember saying I was doing this for my kids. I thought this was MY new hobby….. Why do they keep injecting their thoughts into how they think it should look?! And why am I mean for not letting them paint it?!



So anyways, ownership of this property has become a bit of a controversy as you may have been able to tell. But that’s ok…. have requested MDF boards for my birthday from everyone so I can make more and more and more of them. In fact, I have decided that the next one will be an exact replica of our home! I’m starting to have visions of doing this full time again…. Slap me quick and put me out of my misery….

"tiled" bathroom floor!

Today we managed to “tile” the bathroom floor. It looks like a PROPER construction site. Middle Child painted all the skirting boards as directed. OK, OK, I went over them afterwards but mothers are supposed to make their children feel included even when you want to exclude them. (10 points for me in selflessness today thanks). Anyway, the bathroom has been painted, tiles laid on floor and we still have to “shop around” for wall tiles….. might be up late tonight surfing Google images for tiles. This is so much more fun than decorating my own home! I can choose what I want and I am not restricted to cost per square metre!!! Ha Ha Ha!

view through the kids window

Middle Child I have come to realise is SUPER GOOD at cutting awkward edges! How have I only just found this out in life….. she does EVERYTHING super fast….. and really sloppy so I don’t normally get her to help. If I’m honest, I normally try to do fun stuff like painting when she’s in bed because she always wants to have a go and then I have a huge mess to clean up.  It took me about 15 minutes to do the first one but in the spirit of inclusion, I handed her one to cut with the pre-notion that I would toss it when she wasn’t looking. A mere 2 minutes later she threw it back at me. My eyes nearly popped out my head as I went to toss it in the trash. This was REMARKABLE!!!! I handed her 4 more and we had the “kids” bedroom wallpapered in no time. We used real wallpaper adhesive and it seems to work. The paper we just printed off the internet after we adjusted the scales. She’s gonna be my official “Paper Cutter” from here on in!

Living Room Floor!

Lastly…. our (MY) best progress for the day has to be the “wooden” floor we (I) lay down in the whole of the downstairs. Again, just an image or real wood floor and scaled down, lots of cutting and pasting to make one large image, some wall paper adhesive and VOILA!!!! Wooden flooring. I must admit! I’m pretty darn proud of it!


Still have some cleaning up of the skirting board edges to do and clearly a whole host of decorating to do still but it’s coming along. The best part is, I only argued with Middle Child like a hundred times today instead of a thousand! We should keep ourselves occupied like this more often!

Just so we are clear.. this is MY house. I am including the children because it is the right thing to do. The only useful thing they have really done is cut a little paper. So you get that right?! It’s MINE!


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3 responses to “Dolly Gate Scandals…..

  1. Noni

    October 26, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Hi singlemotherstories, Awesome blog. I will post a link on my facebook page.

  2. Sunita

    October 26, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    This is coming along nicely.

    • singlemotherstories

      October 26, 2011 at 3:48 pm

      I’m actually surprised at how sturdy the plasterboard has turned out to be!!! I found someone sleeping on the top floor this afternoon!!! Then thre was the jumping and moving room to room. Thought it was going to break but my word…… I seem to have built a fort!


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