We’re smelling ROSES Sister!

06 Nov

So I’ve been feeling guilty about not stopping to smell the roses. I really don’t have time. Added to my own children, I seem to have acquired another. A friend’s child decided she was leaving home. She’s in a negative cycle of communication with her mother and they’re arguing all the time. Somehow, my halo didn’t just light up, it started flashing at a rate and before I knew it, I was sitting in their living room talking to mother and daughter and agreeing for her to move in with me. Ha! Like I didn’t have enough on my plate….. but as my life seems to go…

When the plate gets full…. we buy bigger plates!

No diets round this house! So now I am a single parent of FOUR….. Older Child, Middle Child and Toddler Child and then we have who I can only describe as Interim Child.

Interim Child however has been making herself quite at home. Shown to a spare space in my pad, she’s totally cleaned it out and turned it into a bedroom. Somehow I am starting to feel that Interim Child has other ideas. I think we might be renaming her soon. That’s a story to be unfolded.

Anyways…. the guilt. I’ve been feeling guilty about not smelling the roses. And lo and behold, I get another parenting email from my parenting guru.

Hurrah!!!! Permission to do it right only 51% of the time… so I’ve been doing the math……

Smelling roses              2%

Balanced diet              90%

Bed on time                 75%

Educating                    75%

Daily baths               100%

Nurturing                   80% (I HOPE!!!)

Time to play               50%

Bed time stories        60%

I’m sure I have left stuff out. But when I do my averages I fare pretty well.

I am a good parent 66.5% of the time!!!!

I have been trying to inject this into all areas of our lives mind, not just the “Oh, let’s make a concerted effort to stop and sniff” way. So we didn’t just leave church this morning, we stood around and took in the ambience. Despite the fact that Toddler Child was trying to play with the hair of the lady in front of us during the service. Kindly, she kept turning around and smiling nicely – I know it would have been a different story if we were on the bus, she would have given us dagger eyes! The others were bickering over who got to hold the hymn book and played footsie a bit… you know the kind that’s more of a game than a form of communication? The nun over the other side of the pew tutted at me. I relaxed and listened to the sermon thinking …..

“The sods are smelling the roses Sister!

Roses…. you hear me?”

Toddler Child even learned how to say “Jesus” after she shouted out rather loudly “Why that man wearing dress? Dress not for man!” Needless to say there were smirks as I stood there embarrassed trying to decide how to meander this statement. I think in the end I passed her the nappy cream which she smeared all over her face with glee but she’s smelling something right? Have to come up with a better response to these sorts of things before next week….. gulp!

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