Please NO! Not THAT time again Mom!!!!

24 Nov

Remember we talked about this before right? My PERSONAL ME TIME??? Well we’re there…. So I’ve been channeling! I managed to clean the kids rooms till they were sparkling but I still wasn’t pleased. So I got out a pot of paint. Toddler Child was pretty bemused by this. Was just me and her at home today and she must have thought I was mad. Her pretty pink room was turning purple before her little eyes and she thought it was fabulous. So fabulous in fact that she kept trying to touch it.

Have you ever tried painting a room with a roller and brush while a smaller version of you is leaping up behind you trying to finger paint it? Well that was us today. It was like the little devil on my left shoulder jumping around trying to wreak havoc in my life… never mind… I’m channeling…. and by the time Middle Child walked through the door from school, the room was magically transformed into purple. I had a few questions for her though….

Why oh why when I was moving all the books off her book case so I could move the darn thing and paint behind it was I finding loads and loads and loads of socks? I think I found about TEN pairs. You must understand that this child is forever telling me she has no socks…. well I had a thing or two to tell her when she came in! And she’ll surely be washing all those socks and random t shirts herself as I just finished all the laundry and the darn thing’s full to overflowing again with all the stuff I found stashed. How on earth is it easier to hide it than just toss it in a basket???! I also managed to clean the spots off the carpet and rug from things like hot chocolate spills, plasticine rubbed into the fibres and marker pens.

What I can never understand is how on earth Middle Child and First Born don’t get it yet….. if you don’t like my monthly cleaning frenzies then don’t leave anything to clean. I’m sure they love it really cause they know that if they just leave it then Muggins Mom here will get round to it next time she’s having one of those funny spells!

I have noticed one thing though….. there’s only two days of the month when I say “Time for bed” that the kids disappear and don’t actually tip toe back out to have a peek, get a drink, use the toilet or generally annoy me….. I think I love this time of the month sometimes!

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