These feet were made for walking……The shoes however make no sense at all!!!

18 Mar

OMG! Well look what I went and did! I toyed with the idea of doing this walk which my parents really took the mick out of me for and did all they could to make me feel I couldn’t do it. A couple of times I went to sign up and something or the other happened with one of the kids and I got pulled away. I tried to cajole a few friends into it and just kept getting a big fat no, a guffaw and an inquiry as to my mental status, this just added more fuel to the fire. Finally on Friday I actually sat down and signed myself and my friend up for it despite the fact that all my friends and family that knew I was toying with the idea and thought I was mad.

I quickly created my Virgin Money Giving page and last night sat down to write my blog entry which I posted on Facebook to try to muster up some donations and sponsorship. I have to say. Neighbour Man got in touch almost immediately to inform me that he thought my target was a bit high. I did laugh…. I wasn’t sure whether he meant the target of the amount I was hoping to rustle up at such short notice or the very long distance I was pledging to walk. Both he informed me…. and I have to say…I did agree.

BUT….. there’s always a but isn’t there….. I kind of thought that I wouldn’t get much of a response and that if nothing else it would be one of those things I would do with my girlfriend for a laugh and we would proabably fail dismally but put it all down to experience and something to have a giggle about in the future. You know… over a glass of wine…. “Remember the time we thought we could walk 100km?” kind of conversations and everyone would laugh along with us, at us, whatever… we would just laugh. I kind of knew we would end up being rescued come nightfall…. HOWEVER… yeah… there’s always a however too….. something happened!

ALL OF YOU happened! I was amazed by how readership and shares of my blog shot up! I have been receiving private messages, sponsorship, words of encouragement and support. My sister shared my last blog entry on her page via her twitter account and someone is actually sending her nutrition advice for me! OMG! This has enlightened me to the fact that I HAVE TO DO THIS NOW! Not only does it seem like I will be raising rather alot of money. My son has been so touched by this commemoration that I was originally thinking to ATTEMPT and all these people have been so supportive, plus my sister threatened me, I realised that I have no option but to really start taking this super seriously now and even if my girlfriend flakes out at dusk…. I am gonna have to keep walking through the night alone.

Fuelled by all of this, I made a couple of flyers to try to rustle up more sponsorship to take to the local shops. There I bumped into a good and old (of the long variety) friend. He pointed out that it was going to get cold in the night. His friend then enquired about my shoes. What? It’s walking silly…. how hard could this be?! I found myself being lectured as to the trickery and enormity of the task I had undertaken and realised something quite obvious….. my lil feet???? OMG…..


Hell! They were hardly even made for shoes!!!!! Let me explain something to you… my feet….. come rain, snow, sleet or sunshine…. they live in flip flops…..constantly. And I sure as hell can’t walk in them. Well not 100k cross terrain anyways! If they aren’t in flip flops it’s because they are in a pair of seriously uncomfortable heels. And suddenly it occurred to me… the last thing I need is to be getting some blisters and still have 99km to walk! That would not be good. Cause I have now decided….. with all this support…… by hook or by crook…. I am finishing this walk! The organisers give us 28 hours in which to complete it… I will be leaving London at 7am on Saturday the 12th May. By noon on the 13th I should be crossing the finish line. But now with all of you people sponsoring me and sending kind words of support…. I will be finishing that walk even if it takes me a week!

So I need some decent walking shoes.

No biggie….. popped on a bus… I know I know… I should have walked….. and went into town with the girls to kit myself out with some decent all terrain walking shoes. Now I know alot about shoes. Walking shoes…. NO!…. Sadly my knowledge extends to this… THEY ARE SUPER UGLY! But I need a pair. And the organiser’s website said two important things…..

1. Start your training at least 6 months before the event, rest 1 day out of 7 and try to walk a full 7 hours on one of the days.

2. Ensure you have comfortable shoes and that they are well worn before the event.

Now clearly I have only two months before the event so I will not be training for 6 months before. Currently my training plan is extensive…. I am walking for miles each day and also at night to get used to that…. however this plan exists only in my head currently but they do say it’s the thought that counts right?

I figure I have to pay serious attention to one of these important factors soon…. and since I have decided that walking is quite natural…. then I must focus on the shoes…. plus I am female and this gives me the perfect excuse to buy a pair of shoes, albeit ugly ones. But seriously… my feet have to get used to having shoes on them for the next two months. So there I am in town, in an outdoors store, checking out the range of ugly brown leather walking shoes. I was so focused on finding an attractive pair. What I failed to notice was the price tag.


Why were these things so expensive??? No no no no no!!!!!! I do love a pair of shoes but I could not warrant spending £100+ on a pair of shoes I would be all too glad to get rid of after this walk…. cause my darling girls (Middle and Toddler Child) …. if you’re reading this…. you are NOT getting any kind of gesture like this for your 18ths! This is a once in a lifetime thing from me thanks! No no no no no!!! Ran out of there so fast I could have sprinted that 100k there and then!

Nope… we found ourselves down in good old TK Maxx where I found a nice (or ugly as) looking pair of Merrells that must just be about 5 seasons old…. but to be honest… it made no odds to me. Every season of their shoes looks the same to me. Brown, ugly but I am assuming totally practical and I have to say, they did fit like a glove and were super light so we picked them up, some walking socks and came right on home….. I have been wearing them since I got in… though I have been sitting down. I have to say. I feel like the blood to my legs has been cut of just because I am not used to even wearing shoes. But these shoes and that walk… they make sense.

So on a final note…. thanks to all of you who have been donating, spreading the word and sharing my blog posts via twitter and Facebook. Please please please keep sharing. Every pound I get for SENSE fuels me more and if you missed out on why I am doing this…


And to sponsor me… please click on the link to give even just a couple of bucks! Tomorrow I have to consider the notion of the clothing, how I am going to fuel myself (this is off the beaten track and I won’t be walking past any food sources) and apparently I will need a headlamp!?!?!? OMG….. scary!

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