The Baggage List

31 Mar

Today I received the baggage list for what I will need with me on my walk of death. I have been a bit worried about this over the last few days and worried about how I will hydrate and nourish myself over the 100km. For the most part it is off road and there won’t be a McDonalds in sight. Not only won’t there be a hamburger around, but there will be no water source either. Bearing in mind I will start walking at 7 a.m. on the 12th May and I won’t finish till about noon on the 13th, I figure I am going to need some sort of replenishment, even if only of the caffeine variety to get me through the night.

ImageRecently a friend of mine told me I had to ensure my back pack was filled with bananas because I would need the potassium to stop myself from cramping. Now bananas are heavy items and I figure that will hold me back so I am going to have to find potassium in the pill variety! Light and easy to carry.

ImageI have been walking for hours every day despite the fact that I am either carrying or pushing about 35k in extra weight in the form of Toddler Child. I figured that though this was weighing me down, it would be great training and would make the walk of death less fatal. This training has however already started killing me. For starters, I am falling asleep by about 8 p.m. most nights, I can feel my muscles burning. My core muscles in particular are clearly strengthening up. Why is it though that getting fit which is supposed to be a good thing hurts so much? My fluid intake has increased phenomenally. I think I am now drinking about 6 litres of fluid a day. I wake in the morning and I am STARVING….. My eating habits are completely out of whack. I used to be a grazer. I’m so exhausted at night though, I’m not munching my calories in the evening, I’m falling asleep over my dinner plate! My portions have increased and I am generally eating like a horse. All I can hope for however is that I will have the legs of an eighteen year old racehorse by the time I am finished all this exercising and training!

I was fortunate enough to have a local business sponsor the servicing of my bicycle and I am so thankful to them for this. This will make it easier to “train”. Though cycling is not the same as walking, it’s an easier form of exercise to get fit with Toddler Child literally in tow behind me. I can actually get some proper pace in.

Coming back to the baggage though. That back pack I was worried about. I have become increasingly worried as I have been wondering now more about the fluid intake than McDonalds. How on earth am I going to carry all this water I have been drinking and will need on my walk? Will I pass out from dehydration between stops? So maybe carting 35k of Toddler hasn’t been to my advantage at all but exactly what I will need? I got the official email stating what I will need in my pack. Sounds like it will weigh about the same as a small child.





ImageTheir list included not just water and food which I already knew was going to be heavy enough but a whole change of clothes, spare shoes, bandages, sunblock, hats, clothes for layering and warmth in the night, a whole first aid kit with bandage care and antihistamine for bug bites and nettle rashes, head torch and hand torch for night walking…. might I point out that spare batteries needed as well and last time I checked…. they’re not light! Will also need wet wipes and disposal bags to keep the used ones on me in appreciation of the environment for my toileting needs. Crikey… the list goes on and on…..

So the way I look at it… I might not be at an advantage doing all this training pushing Toddler Child around but perhaps what I actually need to do is borrow her push chair and take it with me. Might be better to push than to carry right?!

The sponsorship has been coming in nicely and I am so appreciative to all of you who have been sending funds, kind words of support and who have been cheering me on. Please continue to spread the word and encourage others to donate/sponsor. Please use the Virgin Money Giving Link to send funds directly to my chosen charity SENSE who do amazing work for the deafblind and their families.


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