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Things a woman should have to survive through her Forties!

I came across an article in a newspaper yesterday which made me guffaw. How a decade can change one’s needs!

The article entitled The Things a woman should have by age 30 took me back to my late twenties/early thirties to review whether I had these things or not. Most I had more than others, some I had none of at all! Never mind that though….. It just made me giggle at how your perspective and priorities change as you get older.

So here…. I complied a list of things a woman – particularly a parent – should have in and throughout their 40s!

  1. SEVERAL pairs of comfortable shoes designed for chasing children – style unimportant.
  2. Good life insurance. You don’t need to be worrying about what will happen to the children when the stress drives you to heart attack!
  3. A solid communication with God – he’s probably the only one listening to you anymore.
  4. Monthly visits to the massage therapist.
  5. Clothes that are comfortable, allow free movement and aren’t so expensive that you care when your kids wipe their hands all over you. Must be made of washable, tumble dryer and crinkle free fabric!
  6. Good friends who will be there for you when the man / a man/ any man isn’t.
  7. The little black dress is always a classic but maybe one that’s not so little any more!
  8. A passport for showing your ID at the bank every time you need to pick up a new card because one of the children has snapped it. Oh! And you’ll need it for taking the critters to Disney too!
  9. An umbrella you can find, a suitcase large enough to fit all the paraphernalia you now travel with and a purse that has a security code to make it open.
  10. Time to be interested in a man.
  11. A set of tools and either the ability to use them or failing that, a child trained in using them or a good relationship with the neighbour.
  12. Time to exercise and actually eat.
  13. An email address, phone and bank account that everyone else is PROHIBITED from accessing.
  14. A job that allows you your own sense of identity away from the family – remuneration unimportant – identity more important than money through this phase!
  15. Bras that are still their original colour. Good support and uplift however is a must!
  16. Skin care products that have the words “anti ageing” in VERY small letters on them.
  17. The ability to decide which battles are actually worth fighting.
  18. A hairdresser willing to have you at a minutes notice and a style that’s fabulous but incredibly low maintenance.
  19. A kid’s camp to look forward to (on the kids behalf of course) every year. One week minimum.
  20. A good neighbour you can send the kids by in case you ever have a man/prospective employer to go see in a rush.
  21. A resume with not to many holes in from staying home with the children – do voluntary work once a week if you have to!
  22. Time for friends.
  23. Any kind of sex.
  24. Any kind of loosely matching bra and panty. Nearly same colours will do fine. More importantly, you need a good vacum cleaner.
  25. A car that doesn’t say “I have children” by the mess on the inside of it.
  26. A bottle of gin stashed somewhere no one else knows about.
  27. A cosmetic bag that has not been raided or attacked by small hands.
  28. Enough common sense to spot a “bad idea” from a mile off.
  29. A family member compassionate enough to hide the photos of herself from years gone by so she doesn’t feel old.
  30. A family that care about her enough to have bought her something ridiculously expensive that she would have never bought for herself. Possibly a lock up box for those ridiculously expensive items bought in 30s?
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